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A little about me
Hello everyone! I'm SpaceCadet1017, creator of and translator for SpaceCaseSubs! You can call me Rin ^^ I've been living in Japan for quite a while now!
I started studying Japan in school because another friend got me interested in J-Rock, Visual Kei in particular. I was almost always listening to Dir en grey, GACKT, X Japan, hide, L'Arc~en~ciel, and Miyavi...  J-ROCK lead me to become interested in J-Dramas. The first series I watched was "Orange Days," and from there I was hooked. Now I've seen well over 100 different shows. It's really good practice for listening and vocabulary practice!  I just recently had the confidence to start watching TV without subtitles... and I was shocked to discover how much I understood. After that I realized it was now my time to start paying back all the kindness I received from subbers when I was still a beginner... so I decided to start subbing!Click here for the rules )What to talk to me about )Haha, I know I said I couldn't decide myself, but I'd like to know what you guys think!! (So I know who to focus on for screencaps, clips and whanot. Answer the poll.. it's for science!!)  Let me know your reasons in the comments! If there are any new Eighters, you might be able to convince them to join your team for the Giant Color War!! ......I'm kidding. There will be no war, because Eito is love. Always love. Maybe not always peaceful with those noisy doofuses, but always love!

I hope you enjoy your time here!!


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