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Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 9.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters
  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division
  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)
  • NPA - National Police Agency
  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center
  • CI - Confidential Informant
  • CO - Correctional Officer (Prison Guard)
  • PP - Prefectural Police
  • MO - Modus Operandi (Methodology, approach)
  • JCS 100: JCS is the Japan Coma Scale. 300 is a deep coma, 200 is a coma, 100 is a semi-coma. 100 means they have a lot of pain and they’re moving around like they’re waving something off. These are all Level III, most severe. Level II is stupor, lethargy, hypersomnia, sleepiness, drowsiness. Level I is delirium, confusion, and senselessness
  • Titles of news articles on Hinako’s screen:  Child abuse suspected
    Sudden closure of “Eternal Wings”
    Whereabouts unknown for the couple who ran the place and 2 managers
    Strong typhoon drawing nearer to Honshu; mudslides everywhere (No clue if this was relevant; maybe used to hide the bodies. It was just on the front page of the newspaper)
    From Nagano: Oyamadacho Couple Missing; Whereabouts unknown

  • Written on the bottles Towa shows Shoji: Makabe (Seiji) - Thumb Makabe (Hiroko) - Index finger

  • “This is the head of the orphanage who kept abusing me”: The word she uses has strong connotations of molestation/sexual assault


  • Okayu & Morokyuu (Chief Kataoka’s meal at the Mo Mo Cafe): ‚ÄčOkayu is rice porridge/congee made by cooking rice with a water ratio of either 5:1 or 7:1. This is often eaten in Japan when people are sick or just feeling blah. Infants getting ready to eat solid foods and elderly people also eat it a lot since it’s easily digested. Other things can be mixed in to give it a little flavor; most commonly eggs, ginger, scallions, salmon roe, and/or umeboshi (pickled plum) are added.
  • Morokyuu is cucumbers with Moromi Miso dip. There’s salt, soy sauce, sugar, and miso used in it, but sometimes kombu seaweed, ginger, and carrots. A grain, such as rice or barley, is also usually added to make it a bit thicker. Some people think this food makes you smarter.


This brings us to the end of the series!

Thanks for watching with me!
I imagine quite a few of us will be parting ways now, so take care and have fun with other dramas!!

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