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Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 8. Get them here.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters
  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division
  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)
  • NPA - National Police Agency
  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center
  • CI - Confidential Informant
  • CO - Correctional Officer (Prison Guard)
  • PP - Prefectural PoliceMO - Modus Operandi (Methodology, approach)

  • Kake Soba - Hot buckwheat noodles in broth

  • Tanuki - AKA raccoon dog. AKA, super cute animal. It’s also used a lot in Japanese folklore - they’re really happy animals who love music, dance, and drinking. They’re kind of like foxes, though - they move playing tricks and are great shape-shifters. Unfortunately, unlike foxes, they tend to be absent-minded and gullible. Mario never really quite showed us how cute these lil guys were, did he?

  • Dr. Nakajima's chart (My version):


So... what'd y'all think of Episode 8?
I liked that the cases were background stories 'to the characters' stories


I suppose Maki-chan wasn’t a useless character after all. I think I re-watched her “Why would he take his pants off?” *everyone’s heads snap to her* scene like 10 times! xD; I had the same thought though! It was my first. My 2nd was "That sick %^&*()!!!"

Kurashima’s jealousy is cute. But weird. He doesn't freak out when Atsuta sends Shoji to a hotel with her right in front of him, though. Selective jealousy, I guess

It would’ve been disturbing, but they could’ve made the dog murder *slightly* more realistic than a ripped up plushie and a Halloween prop hand

Why is the Kataoka Squad so pissed at the Atsuta Squad for Tsuya getting away? It’s not like Shimizu was guarding her or something.

Freaking government letting genius serial killers lounge around all day reading books in offices with butlers waiting on them… Wish I were a genius

The more I hear Nakajima talk, the less his story arc makes sense. He's got too much sympathy for murderers and doesn't think of them as monsters. But it was Hayasaka who was the idealist and Nakajima got sucked into the darkness to kill them? But he seems completetely over it now? What...

Seems kinda silly to assign a bodyguard if she’s going to be alone in her room most of the time. Yanno, where people can come in and attack her.

Hayashi Kento has pretty handwriting!!

Nooooooooooo! Kataoka wasn't so annoying he needed to be killed off!! I hope he's OK!!

Holy crapmonkies! Those killer eyes! ~_~;; The make-up/props dept finally gets something right


Loose ends I wanna see tied up next ep:

  • Someone calling Ishigami-sensei Goddess of Death. Atsuta hinted there’d be a crazy reaction and I want to know what that’d be

  • Confirmation the Kataoka Squad caught that Goda guy from Ep01. They can't keep picking on Atsuta Squad if they're lazy slackers who abandon cases!

  • Shoji getting dragged to the Mo Mo Cafe. He owes Hinako. Hey, maybe for her "Goodbye Party" they can go there so we can say goodbye to Reika & Kirari

  • Shoji can apologize. He's been a jerk. For *almost* no reason. And he kept telling her she was wrong on cases when she wasn't. And he almost yanked her arm off at her friend's crime scene and grabbed her by the collar in his rage at Otomo. (And neither the Chief who seems to love her or the guy who has a crush on her stopped her.)

  • Hinako can apologize. She wasn't honest with her partner, either. No wonder they didn't trust each other. That doesn't mean I want these apologies to lead to some big lovefest, though. It should just be a mutual respect. Then they can keep on working together. Unless she wants to quit because she found the answer to her question.

  • Atsuta & Ishigami can finally out themselves as a former couple. I mean, it felt totally obvious to me, but I'm gonna go nuts if they don't address it.

  • Shimizu & Maki-chan. Those two would be cute together. Maybe because of the way he was trying to care for her when she was freaking out over her friend's murder.

  • It feels kinda cruel that Kenji is the only murderer who didn't get to come back in the story at all. I mean, he even got totally dissed in dreamland by Hinako

  • WTF happened to her father?! Is he still being an asshole somewhere?! Did he have another family?! IS THIS WEIRDO KILLER LADY ACTUALLY HER SISTER AND HER FATHER JUST SPAWNS PSYCHOPATHS?! Who knows. Maybe that's why he'd be so mad at Hinako - she'd be his second nutso daughter.

  • Is Nakajima seriously going to be kept locked up in that little government snow palace for eternity? He should be allowed out to go to the goodbye party in the Mo Mo Cafe.

Did you guys see the Chronicle x 「ON」crossover?? 

Also, Hayashi Kento in a new movie?! What?!

I guess next is the last episode.... Our journey together is almost finished! あともう少し!

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