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Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 7.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters
  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division
  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)
  • NPA - National Police Agency
  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center
  • CI - Confidential Informant

  • Notes on the screen to Kirari-chan:

If you change your point of view, you’ll be able to see a new world!

Change your way of thinking We’ll think about it together!

Everyone here understands you

Yeah! Everyone is here for you!

There’s no reason to rush into death!

Everyone’s here for you! Don’t overthink things!

There’s definitely a way to resolve this!

  • “Otaku” Soul (MIKI) - Otaku: Someone who has a hobby they’re so into that it hinders their social skills. Popular examples: Computers, trains, manga/anime. Please be careful with this word; you don’t want to come to Japan and run around going “I’m an Otaku!! Hee hee!” It could have a light, joking meaning to it with some people, but there are still many who have a very negative image of Otaku. Some people in other countries may think it means you’re a master of your topic of preference, it also has the connotation of being an obsessed, socially awkward loser. This is *NOT* comparable to the term Geek/Nerd. People think geeks/nerds are cool nowadays because of the tech/superhero/Harry Potter/whatever boom and they can share their hobbies openly. Otaku culture is still very much stigmatized in Japan. Think of it like… if you’re a big fan of Japan/anime/manga and someone calls you a weeaboo - that same kind of negative image.That’s why everyone in MPD thinks Miki is a weirdo - Not only is he an Otaku, he’s proud of it.
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt - Reika specifically mentions her black belt is in Karate. Karate belt colors go white→ yellow→ orange→ green→ blue→ purple→ brown→ red→ black. Sadly all those happy rainbow colors don’t mean much in the karate world. Getting to black means that you’re finally somewhat competent. From there, there are 10 levels of black belts. It can take 29+ years to reach 5th Degree Black and 40+ for 10th. And actually, at the 10th level - a group of super high-ranked karate masters have to choose you for the 10th level. This is often reserved for people who create a new style of karate.
  • PM - Personal Message/Mail
  • Emails recovered on the suicide victim's computer:
(AID to victim) You didn’t raise yourself. Cool down a bit and take a look at all the people around you.
(Victim to AID) There’s no one around me… Never has been. My life is my own. I don’t remember being told what to do by anyone else!
  • Messages on screen to Miki:

Hope: AID had a family but lost their son in an accident

MIKI: What? That’s all? Everyone dies sometime, right? He was just unlucky. But forget that. Someone hurry up and tell me a way to get meds to kill me!

Hope: How can you think like that?

Night Moon: I can’t believe this guy! How can you be so callous about someone’s death?

Beach: Don’t be so contrary! Be more positive!

Kurame: There’s no way to die like that with meds! Stop thinking about only death!

MIKI: If you won’t tell me an easy way to die, then butt out! lol

Yuri: Who the hell is this guy?! Fuck off!

Mi-tan: Your heart is hideous, too! You wanna die, then go kill yourself! Don’t bother others with it!

Fleeing Warrior: Apologize to AID!

Mi-tan: Nevermind. Don’t go fuck yourself, go kill yourself! DIE!

God Death: You butt out!

  • Police dorm - Many employers in Japan provide lower-cost housing for their employees. It’s usually the unmarried ones who live there because they’re so small, but some companies have subsidized housing for families. (Has anyone seen “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”? Like that) They tend to be a bit far from the office, though.
  • Mail RE: Miki’s kidnapping:

SUBJECT: Got him lol
Seishun Umanori AKA Miki Tsuyoshi, captured
In storage in an abandoned building in Adachi Ward. Should have heatstroke by noon tomorrow lol lol

  • Message Dr. Nakajima is reading:

AID to Victim: Are you afraid? Then shall I help grant your wish?

So... what'd y'all think of Episode 7?
Once again, not the most fascinating case since they made it more obvious than a giraffe hiding in a snow field...

but the stuff about Hinako and Shoji was kinda fun


So Hinako’s father abused her mother. Good she was able to get away from him… but I guess Hinako really was emotionless if she didn’t punish him earlier.

*Random thought* I wonder what the other kids said about Hinako in school. She didn’t seem as good at faking emotions as a child. I doubt she’d care what the other kids, thought, though, so I bet they tried bullying her, but when she didn’t care, they just avoided her and called her a freak.

OK, all the closeups on Yoko & Haru have me convinced - Japanese people must be born without pores!!! →

Am I a weirdo because I want to see cute flashbacks of young, “Koban Jidai” Shoji? It’d be interesting to see what he was like before he became a grumpy, murderer hater… when his sister was alive. Supposedly he was an Ace cop, so I wonder… Who knows, maybe he even SMILED sometimes. Like “Yay, we caught the bad guy! :D” rather than moving into hurricane territory

…DAFUQ is with this bouncy piano background music? I kept pausing the

video, thinking some random video was playing in another window on my computer. I understand wanting to drown out the cicadas, but something a little less cheerful for that scene. And the rest of the music they keep using is WAAAAAY too loud this episode! You can barely hear the characters!!!

I wonder how pissed Shoji is that he has to stay in the office while Todo can go out and do “real” detective work. I mean, he was basically foisting that role on her in Ep01 so he could go out in the field. Plus, he has Musekinin Hero blood n him. He’ll never be happy in an office :P

Seriously, how unlucky is it that a kid was right under a jumper? That’s like a one in a billion chance… And I guess I can see what they mean about suicides being selfish if you can’t even check to see if you’re gonna squash people. But then, suicidal people aren’t in their right minds in the first place…

*RANDOM* I’ve been checking into this rainbow cafe thing, and I don’t understand how the characters are able to order one little thing! All accounts I’ve read say you have to order from a set menu (entree, dessert, and drink) and it’s like ¥5000

Aha, that’s why we heard Kirari-chan speak up last episode… Gotta make us remember her for this ep, I guess

OK, Reika’s a weirdo, but I like her. She’s a nice person. And a badass

Hinako’s face at the “body heat” thing is hilarious. *DOES NOT COMPUTE!* 

What kind of monster would ruin organ donations for people?! I mean, how many crime story lines have we seen where someone went psycho and murdered people because a loved one couldn’t get a transplant because of some jerk?

AHA! *Confirmed!* Super obvious love line is super obvious.

“A present from me.” Atsuta is *really* pushing to have Hinako and Nakajima get together. Is it because he’s lonely and regrets leaving HIS doctor?

Lesson: If Shoji suddenly starts being nice to you, BE SUSPICIOUS

Kataoka Squad's leader is a secretary answering phones for the Atsuta Squad now?!

Kurashima finally has a chance to get Todo on his bike and he grabs Shimizu…

Good Lord, Hinako… you’re so dense! Why did you not realize immediately who did it?! Is it because you’re neglecting your notebook?!

Can we pause for a moment to comment on how cute Kirari-chan’s room is?! I wish my room looked that cute!! lol Maybe I should get a part-time job in a fun café for ideas

I wonder if Nakajima’s mad because the girl who could be getting killed is someone he knows. Also, why does the police report have a photo of her at work? o_O;

*Totally Random* I’m surprised Atsuta’s allowed to wear that color suit because when I wore that color coming to Japan, they advised me not to because white/off white is for Yakuza. And I’m a foreign woman. What. lol. Maybe he works undercover for the Gang Unit :P

Wait, how does Harashima have a pistol? Freaking CID works catching murderers and violent criminals but they need special permission to carry when actively track down a murder suspect?! Japanese laws are weird…

Speaking of finally, we FINALLY get to see Hinako have a chance to defend herself and… as expected, she has ZERO self-defence/bad-assery training. She’d better learn from Reika!

…and yet again Shoji has to save Hinako. Well, I guess it’s his fault she couldn’t cut the guy up.

How convenient Kirari-chan is passed out and can’t hear any of Hinako’s homicidal tendencies. Or Shoji's sneakiness.

No seriously, Hinako needs to learn from Reika. She can get basically two entire police squads of men to do what she says just by shouting at them. The “No, seriously” thing of Atsuta’s cracked me up, though.

It’s so weird to me how boyfriends and girlfriends in Japan call each other by their last names or with -san attached. Like… that’s the person you’re closest to!

I really hope this means the end of any possible sparks between Hinako and Shoji

Oh sure… after two lacklustre bad guys, they have to bring back the last one who made us feel something. (Minus Nakajima.) But don’t prisons have protocol for this kinda thing? Like making sure guards are with the doctors? I’ve seen way too many shows where doctors get sliced open with their own scalpels because they were unprotected. Not that they should ignore prisoners in pain or those who need medical attention… but some kind of protection in a room (or ambulance) full of sharp instruments when you’re transporting a total nutcase that has no problem with death doesn’t seem to be the craziest thing to ask for.

Man, it must be really hot where they’re filming. Yoko’s hair is totally messed up from sweat. And his hair is almost never messed up.

PS: To anyone who's sent me a message or comment recently, I'll try to get to them soon!
Things are a bit crazy with planning for the food festivals coming up!

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