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Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 6.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters
  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division
  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)
  • NPA - National Police Agency
  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center


“You put Shichimi on your watermelon instead of salt?” - In Japan it’s popular to put salt on watermelon. There was even a “salty watermelon” Pepsi flavor.  (Disgusting, IMO.)  In Japan they’re very conscious of their salt intake in summer. They’re always told to replenish it, so salt candies are popular to suck on here when it gets hot and humid.  Salted caramel ice cream is also popular.

“Gestalt is on the brink of collapse” - Miki is referring to the Gestalt Principle (The Law of Simplicity). We try to make order out of chaos.  If you give us a bunch of random, seemingly unconnected information, our brain will try to draw lines and connections between it until it can make a sensible, understandable story out of it. Ex: If I said tires, wheel, glass, doors, you’d probably think “car,” right?  So I believe Miki is saying he can’t make heads nor tails of all this random crap, lol.

MHLW - Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare

SNRC - As far as I can tell, it’s based on a real place; only its name is the NCNP (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry).  I had to tweak the English name a bit to translate literally to fit the SNRC acronym

Nimono - A popular dish in Japan. Made by simmering ingredients for a long time in a soup stock seasoned with things like soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. Usually its's veggies, fish, seafood, or tofu.  More famous types of nimono include nikujaga, oden, and misoni (I kept writing Misono for that last one. Curse you, Subaru!)

MPD database: Rape of Okamura Kayoko, 21 - So I’m guessing on this one. First of all, her name could be read Kyoko.  Second, it’s just a victim profile - name, age, school, address, birthday.  (Pretty crappy thing to do, KanTere - giving the girl the same birthday as Yoko (May 9)).  Shoji’s looking it up in the MPD database, and it lists the rapist as a man named Hoshino.  I didn’t realize it was a rape thing, but I googled it because I thought I was forgetting the name of a character they'd introduced again and one ON fan on Twitter says it’s obviously rape, so… I went with that.  Maybe they saw something in the zoomed out screen I didn’t

Shogi - Japanese chess (You won't believe how many times I wrote "Shoji" instead of Shogi by mistake)

So... what'd y'all think of Episode 6?
I kinda feel like it was a filler episode, but we do learn some interesting stuff.  Plus, Atsuta, Kurashima, and Shimizu got more screen time this time


Aha, that answers my question about how he escaped the tumor

Kurashima’s attempt at cheering Hinako up was kinda cute. And his face after he gets rejected is hilarious

How does Shoji go from being nice to suspicious again so fast? Did they film everything super out of order? And his face goes from being suspicious/angry at Todo to cutely puzzled at Kurashima…

How does Todo always get away with asking personal questions about Shoji? Is it because she’s a girl? Most people would get told to STFU and mind their own business

I've never wanted o eat foie gras, but I can’t believe it’s legal to force-feed animals… >.<;;

Shimizu’s bed-head with the eye mask is cute. Like a fluffy little ruffled puppy disturbed out of his nap

They totally hired Yoko for his resting bitch face for this drama.  Seriously, all he does these days is sit around and glare at Hinako. Could’ve hired Ryo, Tacchon, or Hina, too. They all have pretty epic bitch faces. Ha, maybe that’s KanJani8’s title in Johnny’s - Kings of Stankeye! LOL!

Miki’s makeup is AWFUL. Seriously, do the men’s makeup artists show up wasted every day? They color the hell out of Yoko’s lips and they use dewy foundation on the guys, too! I know Miki’s supposed to be an “Otaku” type, but  his face being like 3-4 shades paler than his neck is freaky.

Hinako doesn’t want to have tea with Inspector Atsuta while on duty, but it’s OK to meet Dr. Ishigami (and Dr. Nakajima) at a weirdo cafe during work hours??

I totally called it -  Reika x Miki  & Ishigami x Atsuta

The young waitress at Mo Mo Cafe cracks me up.  Such a teenager

Nakajima’s face after seeing Todo’s terse reply is everyone who’s ever sent out a super long message only to get one word back: W.T.F.

Aha, so we finally get to find out more about Shoji's CI

I wonder if Urasawa’s daughter knew he’s a yakuza

Kurashima doesn’t tell Shoji off for being rude to Hinako even when it's  right in front of him? But then again, Atsuta has never told him of for manhandling her, either. Is everyone terrified he's gonna snap and beat the crap out of them?

Seriously? She *just* realized that arcades spit out change, too? What kind of detectives are they hiring at the MPD…

It's really starting to bother me how they have to specify the women's gender talking about their jobs.  Lady cops and whatnot.  I mean, they don't point that out with the guys. And it's not like there's another Todo in the precinct to confuse her with

The boy in the green hiking jacket looks oddly familiar. Hmm.

Oh man, that young blonde Yakuza must hate himself - he had a gut feeling something bad was gonna happen and he ignored it… then the Boss got killed. Poor guy. I hope he’s not feeling *too* guilty.

The mom doesn't think it's weird neighbors keep giving her kid a crapton of stuff? I mean, I'd think it was nice, but after a bit be like "...kay, stop spoiling my kid!" The cooked food is OK, I guess. And snacks sometimes.  But so many stuff animals?? Nope.

I like Shimizu.  He’s the only guy in the office not obsessed with Hinako. Plus his Kansai-ben makes me like him more. lol. I wonder if Yoko feels a little less nervous with him around. (Momose Haku is a real Kansai-jin, after all!)

Hinako has to go ask Harashima for people's names?! Why? She's supposed to have an amazing memory!  And she heard "Inatomi-san!" a lot... Aren't keywords supposed to trigger her powers of recall?  And Inatomi-san called the lady "Fumi-chan" right in front of Hinako....... is it because she isn't recording things in the notebook these days?! (And why not??) But really, without her super memorization powers, she's only a mediocre detective at best...

The doctor is the villain archetype: Must go on forever about their evil plan… BUT! They didn’t explain the cases so well.  How did Inatomi’s family die?! Suicide??  And the last 3 - “We got tricked”…how?! Money?! Lost a job?! Lost a house?!  And what kind of family leaves you because you ran out of money?!  It seems they have loads if they can convert it into all those 100 yen coins! Even a doctor… but I guess his family got too greedy living the high life and couldn’t stand to be poor

I wish they’d let the other elderly actors talk more.  The doctor seems to have played a far bigger role in this than anyone… But what'd he contribute? Medical knowledge that a bunch of coins getting shoved down your throat would kill you? Anyone knows that... Natsuko-san gathered intel.  Fumiko-san was a spy. Inatomi-san did the compressed air, coin gathering, and the baseball bat thing. Daikichi-san designed the machine. And the doctor... maybe since he said he went to the arcade a lot, he gathered coins, too. Pretty minor.  Unless he masterminded the details.

I dunno. I just don't believe the elderly people's delight at the suffering of these people.  Well, maybe Daikichi-san. He was a bit messed up.  But I didn't get the quietly psychotic vibe from them.... sad.

OK, so… Shoji thinks Hinako is a freak again. Is that because he found out Nakajima’s back in the picture so he doesn’t have a chance?

Well, I guess people who wanted to find out more about Shoji's "special friend" are in luck

I wonder if Haru's father did something awful to her mother.  Other than calling their child a monster and divorcing her.

I wonder who committed that last murder..... Shoji? Hinako? Hinako's father?!  Or... wait! Wait! Maybe it's Kataoka and his squad trying to frame up Shoji and Hinako to get them thrown out of the MPD so they can get the good cases again! These damn kids keep solving stuff and making them look bad!   .....yeah, I've got no clue.  I just hope it's something wild and unpredictable because this episode was kind of a snore for me.  We didn't really get any *new* information this time.  Everything had been alluded to before.  So the main focus was the Rich Man Murders, and those weren't even that interesting.

PS: For anyone who plans on going back to watch the drama again later, I recommend downloading the new/improved versions of the subs.
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