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I know this is a murder show, but up until now we've only been shown a few puddles of fake blood and almost comically bad dead bodies.  This episode was extremely disturbing to watch, most likely because of the amazingly realistic acting of Nakabayashi Taichi and Hayashi Kento.  I thought I'd warn you just in case you had a similar reaction to me.

Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 5.   Get them here.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters

  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division

  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)

  • NPA - National Police Agency

  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center

  • JHS -  Junior High School

  • HS - High School


  • Cutting (the HS girl's problem): Slicing one’s wrists/arms with a razor with the intention of self-harm or suicide

  • That Godawful noise in the background as Hinako & Dr. Ishigami are talking: Cicadas. Swarms of them.  They're disgusting, shrieky little creatures that infest Japan every summer.  They hide in trees and dive bomb you.  Or if you pass one on the street you think is dead, it might fly up and attack you.  Or they leave their nasty little skeletons everywhere.  They're also CRAZY LOUD so they're the bane of summer drama fans everywhere because you can't edit that noise out.  FOR SOME INCONCEIVABLE REASON, some Japanese people think they're cute.  Obviously, I don't share the sentiment :P

  • Cram school (HS Girl's whereabouts): In Japan, many kids go to special, private after-school tutoring places called "Juku." These Juku are paid for by parents to teach the kids what they slept through in regular school because they were too exhausted from doing their club activities for 4 hours every single day of the week. I'm kidding. (Kind of)  Basically it's after school help, most commonly in the subjects of Math and English, and often geared toward passing entrance exams.  Class sizes in school are too big for personal help and the teachers often don't have enough time to cover everything in-depth. Plus, their high school and university entrance tests are absolutely insane (their English exam questions would be hard even for a native speaker!) For English - people are also noticing that most teachers aren't actually super qualified to teach that subject in public schools.  So they pay for better tutors.  Some kids go to study because they actually like the subjects and want to learn more, though.  This is for kids of all ages... I've seen a 4 year-old going to cram school to prepare them for a pre-school entrance test. They love tests in Japan. Yes, now you can see why they're always stressed to the snapping point.

  • Applesauce (Kurashima's fever advice for Todo): Many people in Japan eat applesauce when they have a fever.  Maybe I shouldn’t call it applesauce but more like… pureed apples.  They don’t add in the cinnamon and sugar that the traditional dessert has. Anyways, they think the fiber is good for your stomach and the apple’s juices reduces the fever in your kidneys or something.  There are also a million other health benefits they thing it has, including the water content, & pectins helping nausea and diarrhea. So basically anytime anyone feels awful, they have some form of apples.


So... what'd y'all think of Episode 5?
Did anyone else's feelings explode everywhere?

So... BECAUSE my feelings exploded everywhere, I'm going to comment on the most random, trivial of things because I can't process the main story yet.

  • Do you think they could be any MORE obvious that Ishigami and Atsuta used to be married? Come on...

  • I wonder if Shoji puts his hands in his pockets when talking to people so it’s harder to punch them in the face

  • Why does Shoji look like a grumpy, jealous boyfriend when he sees Todo mailing Nakajima? Is that just Yoko's face? Does he have natural resting bitchface?

  • The product placement for the Docomo Samsung Galaxy phone is starting to get annoying

  • Kurashima’s panic when he hears Todo is sick is kinda cute.

  • I spent a long time confused watching the broadcast because I couldn’t remember that Mibu guy's face. He didn't say his name when Todo met up with him! I thought he was a DR since it looked like they were in a hospital…and nothing made sense. I almost put a note with an arrow in, but I figured you guys had better memories than me

  • Anyone notice the magazines in Kubo’s apartment were in English?  I guess nutcase murderers have hobbies, too…

  • Kataoka being mad Atsuta squad went the right place… and Atsutsa’s surprised jump at a dead body.  Kinda funny.

  • Did they show Haru’s feet running to be like, “Look! We got her out of socks!”  Also, I really hope she had a good sports bra because that looked painful.

  • Where does a shrink get a gun?!  Did he shake down his criminals for info before he blasted them?!

  • I’m a horrible person for having the thought that Shoji shot Nakajima in retaliation for having touched Hinako

  • No one congratulates Shoji on that super Boss shot?!  I mean, he could've just taken him out, but he didn't want to traumatize Hinako. (Or he didn't want to let a murderer off that easy - he likes them to live and suffer)

  • WTF, Kurashima!!  You don’t just pick up a murder weapon from a scene!  Crime techs gotta take pictures of that crap!! & WTF is this crappy handcuffing, Atsuta?!    First the female detectives don't know how to protect themselves, Shoji doesn't give arrest times properly, now these two?!  WORST. POLICE. TRAINING. EVER.  No wonder Kataoka Squad is senior to Atsuta Squad.

  • All the closeups… they have no pores!! How is this possible?!

  • Atsuta has the weirdest, most random timing for spilling personal info

  • What’s the point of sticking a camera on Yoko’s butt?!  Is it some reference to the opening of Tsumi to Natsu?!

  • I just realised - How crappy is it they make the police buy their own coffee?!  Especially CID?! They’re out dealing with nutcase killers all the time and you make them shell out of their meager salaries for a drink?! Shame on you, MPD!

Now for my feelings on the main story:



What the hell is wrong with the writers?!  Why would they do this?!  WORST. DECISION. EVER.   Okay *maybe* I could handle it at the end of the series, but in the middle?!  You've left us with no mysteries!  We know who did that weirdo candy murder.  We know who caused the suicides. We know why Hinako's weird and clings to her Shichimi. We know what happened to Shoji's sister. We know why Hayasaka was acting like a freak......... there's nothing left to solve!!!   "Will or Won't Hinako kill?"  BIG DEAL. That's going to be a lifelong battle for her, so unless we spend the next 70 or so years watching, we won't know.  Is there something else in Shoji's past? WELL HOW WOULD WE KNOW SINCE YOU DIDN'T GIVE US ANY HINTS?!  Will Kurashima and Todo end up together? ....... no one wants to see that.  Does Nakajima come back?! YOU'VE JUST MADE US SAY GOODBYE TO HIM SO WE CAN'T EVEN PROCESS HIM RETURNING YET.

This seriously felt like it could've been a last episode.

Their logic on the murders also makes NO SENSE.  Why would Hayasaka and Nakajima be working together?!  Hayasaka believed criminals could be rehabilitated. Nakajima didn't want them to be.  Even if Hayasaka just belived Nakajima was just doing the same infiltrating thing as him and didn't know Nakajima was triggering these guys to commit suicide, you'd think he would've noticed when 5 different guys offed themselves!  Why continue working with a guy who's just killing your test subjects?!  OK, I can kind of give them credit for Dr. Nakajima's character - his story made sense. Traumatized by a murder, he wanted to punish all murderers after he became consumed by their darkness.  Okay, I get the logic in that. But his role in the clinic is nuts.

And also... the tumor thing.  The magnetic waves..... how do you get a strong electromagnet near a criminal's brain without noticing?!  Did they MRI them or something?!  And how long does it take to sprout up? Did he have to wait ages to get his revenge?!

But - GIVE HAYASHI KENTO AN AWARD! Holy flying monkies, he was AMAZING. He can do angry, sad, heartbroken, emotionless, AND completely nuts! And still make you love him after all the evil things he did!!  Nakabayashi Taichi was also disturbingly creepy!  The rest of the cast needs to step up their game if they're losing him.

And I am NOT liking this Shoji/Hinako romance vibe they're giving off. NOT COOL.  Shoji is supposed to think she's a dangerous freak.  Why is he all nice and chummy all of a sudden?!  He didn't even shout at Hinako for going off and doing her own thing again!  His character is all over the place!  Is he realizing she gets stuff done and he should just follow her around?!

I'm just...

I can't....



If there's one good thing that came of this, I can finally stop typing "The High School Girl Murder Case from 5 Years Ago."  That took up WAY too much space.

PS: See? I still got my work done even though I did those other two clips :P

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