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A little about me
Hello everyone! I'm SpaceCadet1017, creator of and translator for SpaceCaseSubs! You can call me Rin ^^ I've been living in Japan for quite a while now!
I started studying Japan in school because another friend got me interested in J-Rock, Visual Kei in particular. I was almost always listening to Dir en grey, GACKT, X Japan, hide, L'Arc~en~ciel, and Miyavi...  J-ROCK lead me to become interested in J-Dramas. The first series I watched was "Orange Days," and from there I was hooked. Now I've seen well over 100 different shows. It's really good practice for listening and vocabulary practice!  I just recently had the confidence to start watching TV without subtitles... and I was shocked to discover how much I understood. After that I realized it was now my time to start paying back all the kindness I received from subbers when I was still a beginner... so I decided to start subbing!

Rules for my subs
My rules are really not that strict, so I hope we can all get along!

  • Subs are for personal use only. That means no selling my stuff! It'd take a special kind of nasty person to sell someone else's work, but you'd also be an idiot to sell my stuff because I'm not a professional translator. In fact, I'm still a beginner! I've only been translating stuff about a year now... so you'd look kinda dumb by doing that.

  • My subs are mine. It takes hours and hours to translate, format, and time these things.  It's crazy! So if I see someone has ripped off my stuff and put their name on it, I'm gonna get pretty angry. I also don't want to see them uploaded anywhere without my permission. That includes things like hardsubbing videos and uploading to streaming sites and putting them on d-addicts, subscene, and other subtitle places.

  • Retranslations are allowed. I understand that not all international fans are English speakers. It's a big world out there! So I can understand wanting to spread the Japan love to more corners of it. All I ask is that you send me a message to let me know. Not so hard, right? I'm also letting you know: Retranslate at your own risk! I make mistakes. I cut out bits of dialogue to fit timings. I use weird slang that sometimes has a similar but not exactly the same meaning. So basically, it's already losing a bit from Japanese -> English. It'll lose more getting retranslated. But if that's OK with you, then I don't mind, either.

  • Comment when you can. OK, not a rule but a request. The reason I started subbing was because I was having so much fun watching variety shows, but there was no one around to talk about them with! If people share their reactions/responses to the episodes, it's really motivating for me! Yay! People are enjoying this thing! I mean, imagine spending like 20 hours on a project only to have no one say anything T-T;; You wouldn't want to do it again so soon, huh?  Motivation is key for subbers... so if you wanna keep seeing stuff, chat with me sometimes!

  • Did you read all that? Great! Now leave me a comment, send me a request, and comment down on the poll ^^

Things I love
If you like the same things, let's talk about them (^_^)v

  • COLORS!!! You might have noticed that :P  I apologize if things are sometimes eye-wateringly blinding. I try to keep it to a minimum, really!

  • ART!!! I mean, art uses lots of colors, so that's kind of a natural attraction. I doodle all the time. I play in Photoshop sometimes. I make things out of paper maché. I do bead work. I weave. I sew (but I'm awful at it!)  I love hair styling and makeup because it's wearable art!  There are always about 50 projects in the works.

  • DOGS!!! I can't ever see a puppy without feeling happy. They're just so darn cute! Especially labradors or retrievers. I'll melt into a puddle in front of them.

  • JDRAMAS!!! Like I said, I've seen a crapton, so if you want recommendations, lemme know!  And if you have any recommendations for me, I'm all ears!

  • EITO!!! I'm a fairly new Eighter, but I've devoured a lot of their stuff! :P  JaniBen, Chronicle, CanJani, magazine interviews, news clips... Actually, I came into Eito from Arashi. My friend was an Arashian so I started watching them, then I saw clips of Eito & their Senpai.... and those loud, pervtastic goofballs stole my heart. (Though I do still like Arashi.) From there, it was down the rabbit hole into obsession. In fact, I love them all so much I can't easily choose a 'forever bias.'  It seriously changes month to month. I'll get obsessed with Tacchon's razor-sharp comments, or Hina will be adorably dumb on Telephone Game then super sharp MCing, or Maru will be so bright and funny, or Yasu will do something so creative and beautiful, or Baru will be incredibly sweet to people, or Ryo will look absolutely stunning, or Yoko will turn into a tomato at something slightly embarrassing and then you just want to squish him!

  • JE IN GENERAL!!! I'm pretty into Arashi. I like TOKIO's music and Nagase Tomoya is the biggest goofball ever. KAT-TUN is interesting. NEWS are kind of adorable. I fell in love with Yamapi the first time I saw him open his eyes on the hill that first scene in Kurosagi. Nakatsu Shuichi is one of my favorite J-Drama characters ever, so Ikuta Toma will always share a special place in my heart.

Haha, I know I said I couldn't decide myself, but I'd like to know what you guys think!! (So I know who to focus on for screencaps, clips and whanot. Answer the poll.. it's for science!!)  Let me know your reasons in the comments! If there are any new Eighters, you might be able to convince them to join your team for the Giant Color War!! ......I'm kidding. There will be no war, because Eito is love. Always love. Maybe not always peaceful with those noisy doofuses, but always love!

I hope you enjoy your time here!!
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