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Master Post updated with subtitles for Episode 4.

Translator's Notes:

Abbreviations I'll be using:

  • HQ - Headquarters
  • CID - Criminal Investigation Division
  • MPD - Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo)
  • NPA - National Police Agency
  • TDC - Tokyo Detention Center


  • Internet Postings: It goes by way too fast with Kurashima flipping through it and is too text heavy to slap on screen, so if you were wondering what the J-Netizens were saying about Dr. Hayasaka's interview on TV, here it is:

The one who flips the Switch (Divine Justice) Thread [ Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited ]

  • A murderer committing suicide? Sounds like justice to me. Go ahead and die.

  • God really does exist. Criminals should all drop dead.

  • Murderers are beasts, so it’s OK if every single one without exception dies

  • Seriously, thank you for dying. We’re better off without criminals.

  • Of course they should die! Not a single one spared! Criminals should disappear

  • Dr. Hayasaka's research paper that Dr. Ishigami was reading: It's written in English on the screen, so I copied it... but I have no clue what this word salad means. I get most of the sentences, but it's a lot of buzzwords and not enough proper grammar :P I swear, they Google Translated it

Influence on brain development by the neglect

Supplement of the love experience using the outside stimulation therapy

If the personal emotions and feelings could not could not be allowed to develop the brain by neglect in infancy to develop causes conduct disorder after puberty; giving a stimulus to brain cells as a treatment, whether compensated affection experience missing. With respect to the effects on brain development due to neglect, or is it possible to artificially supplement the affection experience in the case of using the external stimulation therapy.


So... what'd y'all think of Episode 4?
Was my flailing earlier in the week justified?

  • The Kataoka Unit started off as the top dogs in Episode One, then acted like they didn’t want to hand cases off to such a crappy unit in Episode 2…… so why are they acting like errand boys/second fiddles in Episode 4?? I don’t get it!
  • I wonder if Haru hates being Hinako since she has to wear pantsuits, hose, and heels… which means no room for her usual layers of socks!
  • Okay, as awesome as it is that Shoji likes to save people, it’s kind of getting a bit old that they think Hinako always needs saving. Police all take the same training, so it’s not like she couldn’t kick some criminal’s ass if she had to. And if she physically can’t… well, then she has no business being in the field. I know with Nakajima he’s more stopping her from killing… But the other police guys are always like “Oh no! Poor little Hinako!”
  • Officer Shoji… you forgot to tell Tsuya she was under arrest and note the time…… but then, he never does things legally anyway.
  • Kurashima… your sense of responsibility is odd. But I like the new kids’ reactions. lol.
  • The makeup artists on this show really need to lay off the lip stains, especially on Yoko
  • Ishigami-sensei has the best timing ever! (And I love her earrings!)
  • Kurashima’s reactions to Hinako’s boyfriend are the funniest! Way to go, Jun-kun~
  • How much you wanna bet Miki-san’s new girlfriend is that Café owner, Reika?
  • I laugh so hard every time I see Nakajima choke on his drink. I’m awful. But Hinako straight-up saying she doesn't think he wants in her pants is pretty shocking, admittedly.
  • “You’re as white as a sheet!” Sweetie, he’s always that pale. He only loses to you & Yoko by a tiny bit :P You guys are like the Ghostly Trio
  • Chief Atsuta has an eyebrow problem. Like seriously. He's practically the Japanese version of the Rock
  • What happened to Hinako’s little book of doodles? Did Haru get tired of doing it?
  • Finally looked at the sponsors rather than ignoring the screen - Aha! I knew Samsung was sponsoring this. That’s why Hinako’s Galaxy keeps getting shown so much!!! :P
  • If Kurashima loves bikes so much, why haven't we seen his yet?
  • Why didn't KanJani8 get the theme song for this?
  • With all this hinting, I bet it's Ishigami that Atsuta was married to before

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